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Contest Winner: Jason of Big Bruin!

Poster: Aron Schatz
Posted on September 5, 2008 at 5:29:05 PM
A big congratulations to Jason, owner of Big Bruin (, are in order for winning the August Asus EEE contest. He has been notified and is wonderfully ecstatic about the news.

Big Bruin had the most entries in the contest and it sure helped in the drawing. Jason was one of the first bigger publishers to join ASE Adnet and ever since the day that I informed him, he has stuck with ASE Adnet over competing networks. A new section will be coming that will include featured publishers and Big Bruin will be a highlight (as will others).

To everyone that didn't win: Don't worry. You'll have plenty of other contests to enter. Thanks to everyone that makes ASE Adnet a success. Looking to the future, expect big growth by the end of the year.
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