New Data Sources Soon

Poster: Aron Schatz
Posted on September 19, 2008 at 11:19:45 PM
The network is coming along very nicely and I'm happy to report that certain publishers have been testing out a brand new update to ASE Adnet to provide its own geotargeted ads. No longer will ASE Adnet be limited to North America for making money. The new provider (Ebay) is CPA, but I'm also working on international pricing sites as well.

With Ebay, I can open up ASE Adnet to many more people that I would have otherwise rejected since quality is not a concern for CPA. Remember that these new data providers will give a boost in revenue that currently wasn't being realized.

I'm planning on giving a very large percent of the CPA revenue from the new data provider to entice more people to join. Once the new ads go live, every new publisher (except pre-approved ones) will be placed into the CPA only side of things and if the traffic looks good, the network will switch over to CPC in the related markets.

Yes, there is another ad network that does this as well... But, ASE Adnet gives you the power of control. You make the ads, you control the content.

As a publisher myself, I can't think of a better network to be with at this exciting time.

(Sorry, I had to pat myself on the back after that coding session)