Total Monetization Of Traffic Soon

Poster: Aron Schatz
Posted on September 14, 2008 at 10:54:12 AM
This post is related to the post below that updated the front end to provide new revenue sources. I'm pleased to say that the search and testing phase of new revenue sources (IE: paying all traffic) is well under way.

There are a few things to work out with the data providers, but I believe that I can work out any problems that may happen. If everything works out as I expect it will, you can expect a brand new international auction provider (guess which one) to provide CPA payouts on traffic that ASE Adnet wouldn't currently pay for.

While this isn't like the standard CPC that you are used too, it is an additional boost of revenue that otherwise wouldn't be available. In addition to that, this could lower the standards bar for other publishers as well. The new backend system I'm working on can switch between showing data providers and it can switch to a CPA provider if the traffic provided is bad (IE: Non converting clicks) or doesn't provide a good CTR from the normal ads.

I'm currently testing the new ad system on ASE Labs (only the articles section). If you are not from North America, visit ASE Labs and see one of the articles. You'll notice that the ads are completely geotargeted to providing relevancy to your location. Go ahead and click on the ad (if you aren't in North America) to see where it leads.

If you would like to test the new system, just let me know. I can only accept a few light traffic people and be aware that there may be issues (nothing major).