Front End Update Tomorrow

Poster: Aron Schatz
Posted on September 9, 2008 at 6:38:52 PM
Changes are in store for Adnet and the start of the changes will be happening tomorrow. The front end (this site and the reporting areas) will be updated to provide the ability to use more data providers with the backend and handle the reporting issues that come with that. I'm planning on doing the update tomorrow night (that would be Sept 10th).

The site will go offline for a brief time and will return as soon as the update is finished. There will be no changes to the backend so your ads will continue to run without problems.

A backend update is coming later, but I'm staggering the updates. The backend update is minimal for the time being as well.

This update brings Adnet into a better role to provide more revenue directly. We will be partnering with more providers to give the publishers (you) extra revenue from currently non-monetized sources. When this happens, the geoadcode area will be removed since Adnet can provide revenue for everything.

I'm always interested in what the publishers think about the changes, not only will this update provide new Adnet features, it also brings Adnet's codebase back inline with ASE Version 4. The next step is a simple upgrade to provide the forum and you'll be able to comment and such on there. I'm pleased to continue updating ASE Adnet to the fullest it can be.

To all the publishers: Thank you for your continued support. Adnet's growth will always go into helping bring you more profit.