Server2 Testing This Week

Poster: Aron Schatz
Posted on August 19, 2008 at 3:56:44 PM
The Adnet server (dubbed: Server2) is online and currently serving ads for ASE Labs. I don't recommend anyone actually try the new server out until I make sure it is completely stable. By next week, people can start using the new server if they wish. This is why I won't give out how to jump on the new server just yet... even though it is pretty easy to figure out by going to ASE Labs and looking at the javascript on the page...

Even so, the new server is up and the front end of ASE Adnet is hooked into it so everything works. I'm pretty happy at the progress. The new server brings a change for DNS. It will now be hosted elsewhere (IE: it will be hosted by ThePlanet directly) to ease the burden of DNS queries off of Adnet's own servers. This is the other part that I'm testing. Load balancing seems to work using DNS and even is handling failovers (which I didn't think it would do, but testing shows otherwise).

I would estimate that the new server should be fully operational and working for ASE Adnet by the end of the month. There will be a code update to fix some minor issues that have been nagging as well (such as adding a random amount of time to data expiration instead of a specific amount to stagger when queries need to be redone). Changes are in store and ASE Adnet's growth looks good. Thanks for being a publisher!

Edit: There are some weird things happening with the reporting for views, but the clicks are working fine.. Go figure! This is only with Server2, no need to be alarmed.