More Links Merchants Tomorrow

Poster: Aron Schatz
Posted on November 23, 2009 at 10:21:09 PM
We anticipate at least a couple of new merchants added to the new Links section (Ad CP -> Affiliate Links) along with some other minor updates. In addition, we'll be looking over the best way to provide hybrid product ads. Expected testing for hybrid ads will be next week for the staging area and will be an optional thing for each publisher.

A word about Links; most merchants allow the affiliate cookie to last for a month or so. Regardless if you make a sale on the first click out is not important. If the reader makes a purchase at a later date from your Link, you still get the credit. That's why giving readers more information about products before sending them to the merchant is important. Allow them to make good purchases and your revenue will flow in much more.

One more thing, we are eying another possible revenue stream that may include a feed to work well. We'll have more information as this progresses. We would love to hear your feedback, our email address is listed on the Ad CP page.