Links Coming + More

Poster: Aron Schatz
Posted on November 17, 2009 at 10:47:02 AM
Our goal is to maximize publisher's revenue stream and to do this, we need to look elsewhere than just CPC revenue streams. We're about to roll out Amazon CPS affiliate links to our publishers. The Links will be just that, a link. No Javascript, no ad view, just a plain normal link. These Links won't expire and can be used anywhere on your sites. The link will give you a percentage of revenue from Amazon's site. We're looking to give publishers a high percentage of the revenue from this plan depending on how well received it is. You'll be able to use Links to show off products or just drive traffic to Amazon's site in general. In a few days, we'll have a helper Amazon shopping page (just like the current »CPC shopping page today). Amazon is a CPS source. You'll make money when people buy products. CPS offers the publishers more money for quality traffic.

In addition, we're looking at doing hybrid CPC ads that incorporate CPS sources in the same ad. The hybrid ads can be additive or replacement based. We're still looking at ways to make this work, but these are just ideas to make publishers more money. If you have any ideas, please let us know in the adcode section.