Create Your First Ad

Aron Schatz
May 23, 2008
Creating your first ad, step by step.

Page 1: Simple Ads


Welcome to ASE Adnet. By becoming a member, you have the ability to generate money from the content your product that is unobtrusive and beneficial to your readers. By showing Adnet's price comparison blocks, you are providing a service to your readers. It is also a great way to make money!

Step 1 - Create a Campaign

Your first step is to create a campaign. Campaigns are used for tracking purposes so it is a necessity to have at least one campaign. Without using a campaign, your clicks will still be tracked and paid, but you will not get viewing data.


At the top of the site are the links to the various areas. Click the "»Campaign CP" link to go to the campaign area.


Fill in a name for your campaign. Good names include the location you are placing the ad and the site. Campaigns are basically groups of ads for tracking purposes only. You are allowed 100 campaigns. After filling in a name, click the create button and move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Ad Code (Major Options)


After you have created your first campaign, now click the "»Ad Code" link on the navigation bar. The ad code section is where you will make all your price comparison blocks for use on your sites. The generator may seem complicated at first, but it is very easy once you get started.


Since you don't have any ads that are saved, you need to make a new one. Your first ad should be done using the "Simple" Adgen Type. Using simple allows you to skip the advanced options and just get down to the bare needs. Once you are more comfortable, you can try the advanced option.

You want to use the campaign you made in the previous step. All ads on ASE Adnet are keyword based. The network used product ids in the past but this option has been deprecated in favor of using very specific keywords.

Links are set to open in a new window by default but you can select to have them open in the same window. Many users are accustomed to opening links themselves in the way they want so it is based on how well you know your readers.

We are using a randomized search which is use different keywords on each load. You need to give multiple keywords for this to be used. This option is useless if you only supply a single keyword.

The option of spanning a keyword allows the ad to show products from the same keyword. If this was set to no, the ad would use multiple keywords and use a product from each.

Step 3 - Sizing and Coloring


The simple adgen type allows you to easily select the ad size, the coloring, and the font to use. For more advanced options including full CSS support, you need to switch to the advanced generator. For easy color picking, you can click the box beside each option. When you change the color, this box will show the color selected.

Step 4 - Save the Ad, Get the Code


This is an important step if you want to use this ad later as a template. Pick a name to use when loading the ad on later use. Once you save the ad, you are brought back to the screen with all the options filled out as it was. It is good to always save an ad for later use.

The resulting code will be displayed in the text box below the generator. This is the code you will use on your site. This code must be pasted into the HTML source of your page. If you use a WYSIWYG editor, you MUST paste it into the source and not the editor itself. If you want to preview the ad, you can go to the next step.

Step 5 - Making Sure It Looks Right


You can test the ad by clicking the preview button which will load an ad using all the options you gave in the generator. This preview works for both advanced and simple generators. There is a region selector to enable you to see how the ad will look in each region that ASE Adnet serves. Once you are satisfied with the look, place the ad on your site and make money.

More Help

If you are struggling to make an ad, feel free to send an email to for additional help. Adnet is about its publishers and help is just an email away.
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